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“Bielsko” folkloristic band was created in 1974 and acts under the patronage of the centre of culture in Bielsko-Biała (Bielskie Centrum Kultury). It is located in the Dance Centre, where training of the band takes place. Nowadays, the band consists of three children groups and the representative group, which makes up 100 people all together. The artistic manager and choreographer is Bożena Bieńczyk and Marzena Grzybowska is the music manager.

The group include two distinct artistic programmes in their repertoire. The folklore one presents artistically modified, original Polish folk-dance, which shows the variety of our vernacular culture. It contains: cracovienne, melody, polka, mazurka, Zywiec and Silesian highlanders’ dances, dances typical of Rzeszow and Lublin region, as well as Slovakian dances.

The other programme, the stage one, includes folklore elements but dance, music and costumes are strongly adapted. Not only does it present our own folklore but also foreign ones. The group performs several thematically diversified programmes, such as: Polish, Hungarian, Bavarian, Russian, Spanish, Gypsy and country one.

The group is accompanied by a music band consisting of seven people and a big band including sixteen professionals.

“Bielsko” band have travelled almost all over the world presenting their programmes. They have already covered: France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Brasil, and the USA (Montana, Utah and Idaho). Their performances delight the audience with their youth, energy and artistry.